Go Global with Global Exchange API

Live exchange rates, IP to country and IP to currency lookup

Are you developing for both the world and the customer?

Whether you are developing an e-commerce system or a mobile app you can stand out from the crowd by displaying values in the customer's native currency. With Global Exchange API you can convert between 92 currencies of the world, lookup where in the world an IP address originates from and what the preferred currency is.

Reliable Data

Multiple sources provide the API with live exchange rates and geolocation information to ensure that you always get the latest and most reliable data.

Free for 30 Days

Just start using the API. You can make as many exchange rate conversions or IP lookups as you like the first month completely free. You don’t even have to sign up.


If you require less than 1000 request per month the API is completely free. It that is not enough, choose the subscription that best matches your needs.