About the API

The goal of the API is to provide services that aids developing localized commercial web sites or apps. Services that are generally missing in other frameworks: live exchange rates and IP to country lookup.

The API comes in both a .NET API and a RESTful JSON/XML API. The .NET API is designed to integrate seamlessly with the .NET framework through extension methods and by following .NET convention and best practices. The REST API consists of a range of HTTP GET services pertaining to currency conversion, IP lookup services, and general information on currencies and countries.

Exchange Rates Services

Exchange rates are determined by the foreign exchange market. Determining the relative values of different currencies is the role of the foreign-exchange markets, not us. Instead, we continuously monitor exchange rates from various provides, to pass them on to the Global Exchange API.

We try to ensure that the provided exchange rates are up to date and as precise as possible all the time, but we do not guarantee the accuracy of exchange rates. The exchange rates are not for financial advice or speculation. All usage is subject to your acceptance of the Terms & Conditions and Supply of Services Agreement.

IP Lookup Services

From the IP address of an internet user, the API can provide you with the country of the world they are in, and which currency they prefer. Your current IP address is You live in , and your preferred currency is . Armed with information like this, you are able to localize your web site or app, and provide your customer with information and options adapted to the user's culture.



Global Exchange API
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